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the charm of it all... 

each charm is hand-made.  they are cast in lead-free pewter, then plated in silver or brass, with an antique finish, and come in a handful of shapes and sizes.  browse through the the site to see how to turn them into a gallery of your own!            

current faves  

this week i started adding charms to a simple necklace i wear every day... until it was the perfect cluster that told a story that made sense for me.  now this necklace is my every day go-to... my new fave.


the basics   

here are the basics... sometimes the understated say the most!                                                                                                               


these are a bit more intricate than the basics, but as simple to order.  of course, with a few twists and turns, they could easily become a piece that's unique to you.... where some-of-a-kind becomes one-of-a-kind.               



these are the one-of-a-kind-est of one-of-a-kinds.  while styles can be duplicated, the images, beads, and colors are always different, maintaining each piece’s uniqueness.  whether sterling silver, 12k gold filled, silver plate, or antique brass, mixed in with our gallery charms, and your choice of images, you have a gallery to call your own!  


etc., etc...

key rings make the perfect gift, or maybe the perfect gift for yourself.  take your gallery on the road... literally!  and bracelets?  well sometimes they’re just easier to appreciate!                                                                                  

make it your own

possibly the best part of the line, is the option to personalize the charms with a photo of your own.  whether your favorite niece, your favorite pooch, or your favorite vacation spot, take that part of you and wear it close to your heart!  


for the bridal party

the perfect reminder of "the big day"... for the bride, her posse, or even her future mother-in-law!  the bouquet, the wedding colors, monograms, whether in a church, or on a beach... they all tell a story. 


baby talk 

for the expectant mother, the new mother, the experienced mother, or maybe the doting grandmother... 


*for ordering and pricing information, please contact us!